Design stages

Together with the customer we determine the need, the shape, the dimensions, the materials, the colour, the timeline and the price.

Together we translate these requirements into a first design and a strategic decision is taken and the process as indicated below can start.

0. Strategic definition  
1. Preparation  
2. Concept design The preliminary design and the modular building system are coordinated, with the customer's requirements being the guiding principle
3. Developed design The final details of the project are agreed with the customer and are included in the drawings, design and materials are determined

------------------------------- design freeze

4. Technical design Technical production drawings required for the fabrication of the modules are prepared, raw material for the outfitting is selected
5. Construction Manufacture of the module, interior outfitting, preparing for transport
6. Transport Transport to the building site, installation of modules, connection of wiring, plumbing, drains, smoke detection, fire extinguishing, fa├žade cladding and application of roof covering
7. Delivery Delivery and acceptance by the customer