Modular building

Modular building stands for shorter construction time, improved quality, early return on investment and affordable prices. The modules are self-supporting structural units which can be stacked up to 15 storeys without any additional structure required.

Although the modules have different dimensions in terms of length, height and width, they can be handled as standard freight and shipped on container vessels to any port in the world.

Each module is separated by an air gap, isolated from each other in terms of passage of sound and spread of fire. In addition to this, acoustic separation is achieved through internal isolation between the building structure and the facade cladding. The internal linings are also fire rated to protect the steel module and comply with regulations.

Although our modular building system benefits from container technology, they are not shipping containers. Each module is designed and manufactured to match the client's requirements in terms of room size and internal outfitting. In the majority of cases modules are longer, wider and taller than a standard ISO container.