Efficiency & quality

Our staff produces the modules under controlled plant conditions, under pleasant working conditions and a pleasant temperature. There is no rain, cold, hot or windy conditions during the whole year. At each production position our worker can master his desired specialisms and bring it to the best level and by doing so, the best quality is the result to the benefit of our customer and the joy of our worker. If he wishes he can master plural specialisms and become a highly trained and experienced team member.


The required raw materials of the best quality are always at hand, at the right time, size and volume. There is no waste of raw materials. The construction time in the factory is reduced by 30 %, the construction time at the building site is reduced by 50 %. It is safer, quieter and cleaner than traditional building. The modular construction system reduces the likelihood of defects and allows easy and low cost of maintenance.

Our modular building process has almost no limitation for designers and architects. Even permanent buildings have a certain lifetime. Our buildings can easily be decomposed and the modules can be transported to a new location and start a new life to the benefit of e.g. refugees or people in third-world countries. No demolition cost, debris removal or loss of time is a result of our building system and the modules have a residual value, thus contributing to circular economy.